Historical plots - Champagne Philipponnat

Historical plots

Les Cintres, Le Léon, La Rémissonne 

A House’s wine-growing heritage is built up patiently, and Philipponnat is no exception; while the family’s presence in Champagne can be traced as far back as 1522, the vineyard has been developed generation after generation. Among our historical plots, Les Cintres, Le Léon and La Rémissonne have each been chosen to produce single-plot cuvées, a straightforward illustration of the quality of the terroirs and the House’s history.


LES CINTRES, the most intense expression of the Clos des Goisses

Les Cintres plot is located at the very heart of the Clos des Goisses. Its geographical position, on the steepest and sunniest ground in the Clos, makes it one of the highest-quality plots in the entire vineyard; its vines are the oldest in the Clos, and the first to ripen. It is divided into two parts, Les Petites Cintres and Les Grands Cintres, and every year at harvest time some forty pickers are required. To date, it has produced five vintage single-plot cuvées: 2006 2008 2009 2010 and 2012.


LE LÉON, the historic expression of the Ay terroir

Apvril le Philipponnat already owned vines in 1522 in the Le Léon vineyard, in the Ay area.

Classified as a Grand Cru, it is planted exclusively to Pinot Noir, the house’s trademark grape variety.

Produced only during particularly remarkable harvests, in very small quantities, the single-plot Le Léon cuvée has so far only been produced in two years: 2006 and 2014 A true tribute to the House’s history, grapes from the Le Léon vineyard are consistently used in blending the 1522 and 1522 Rosé cuvées, giving them wonderful intensity and precise minerality.


LA RÉMISSONNE, the most precise expression of the Ay terroir

Mareuil-sur-Ay, the historic Champagne village where the House is based, is home to the centuries-old plot of La Rémissonne. Classified as a Premier Cru and planted to Pinot Noir, the La Rémissonne plot is adjacent to the Clos des Goisses, and benefits from a chalk outcrop.

As for the wines from the Le Léon and Les Cintres plots, La Rémissonne wine was sold only in 2009, and will be again for the subsequent vintages.

In some years, this wine typical of Mareuil-sur-Ay has been composed of blends from several plots around La Rémissonne, as in 2006, 2008 and 2014.