Rosé, by Philipponnat - Champagne Philipponnat

Rosé, by Philipponnat

The other colour of Pinot Noir

Established in Mareuil-sur-Ay in the heart of Champagne, Philipponnat has chosen Pinot Noir as the keystone of its style. Expressing the terroir to perfection, Pinot Noir is able to convey all its nuances brilliantly. Full of flavour, powerful and vibrant, our Champagnes are marked by the intensity of this grape variety.

With Pinot Noir as a common thread, the House’s three rosé Champagnes ­­– “Royale Réserve Rosé”, “1522 Rosé” and “Clos des Goisses Juste Rosé” – each embody in their own way a facet of this highly recognisable style. They draw their personality from the House’s unique expertise in crafting still red and rosé wines. Their pink colour comes from macerating our best Pinot Noir as rosés using the saignée method, and as reds vinified in wooden barrels, added to the wine at the time of blending. Once blended, our Champagnes mature at length in our ancient cellars.

More than Champagnes, Philipponnat rosés are wines. Royale Réserve Rosé reveals a distinctly fruit-driven personality with notes of red fruit and citrus. With its spicy, peppery and even spicy character, 1522 Rosé perfectly expresses the intensity of Pinot Noir. Clos des Goisses Juste Rosé, with notes of citrus peel and tropical fruit, accurately reflects the identity of the terroir from which it comes.

Flouting conventional wisdom, the House’s three rosé Champagnes reveal their personalities when paired with the most intense flavours.

Royale Réserve Rosé, 1522 Rosé and Clos des Goisses Juste Rosé are available from your wine merchant and in the best restaurants.