Our challenges - Champagne Philipponnat

Our challenges

A living world

Withstanding the test of time, preserving the wine-growing heritage, ensuring continuity and transmitting our legacy are more than ever a priority. This task is made all the more difficult by the fact that our world is vibrant, multi-faceted and constantly changing.


It involves great agility; it is essential, both now and tomorrow, that we adapt continuously so as not to remain on the sidelines in the future, and that we evolve to maintain the style and quality of our wines. Inherited know-how progresses over time, and techniques are adapted. We are therefore reintroducing some beneficial, time-honoured practices, some of which had faded from memory, while remaining alert to smart procedures for tending the soils and the vines.


Climate change is a challenge, and we are preparing for it by fighting global warming and by taking action to protect biodiversity. Different ways of tilling our soils, planting hedges, sowing cover crops, replanting certain plots with Chardonnay: these new approaches all help to maintain the intensity and freshness of our wines.


This dynamic is crucial for the wines to provide an unforgettable experience with each vintage and each taste; but above all else, they are an exceptional expression of a world in movement, for eternity.