A time capsule - Champagne Philipponnat

A time capsule

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« Réserve Perpétuelle »

A time capsule - Champagne Philipponnat

Since 1946, Philipponnat has used a “solera” system to age its reserve wine, incorporating each year’s wines into those blended in previous years, in the proportion of two thirds new wines to one third reserve wines from the previous year. This practice, inspired by Xérès in Andalusia, contributes to the consistency and complexity of our non-vintage Royale Réserve cuvée, providing richness and suppleness without loss of freshness.


For the past decade we have also been developing a second “solera” in the secrecy of our cellars, incorporating many more old wines and that we call “Réserve Perpétuelle”. The principle is the same as that of the traditional solera, but the proportions are reversed: this time, two thirds of old wine are blended with only one third of new wine. Aged in 45 hectolitre tuns, this reserve will give our non-vintage cuvées even greater complexity and radiance.


To mark the 500th anniversary of the Philipponnat family’s presence in Champagne, we are pleased to announce the exceptional production of 2,022 magnums of Réserve Perpétuelle, pure and unblended. These magnums bear witness to the House’s excellence and longevity. Playing the role of time capsules, they will be disgorged every 5 years in batches of 100 magnums over the course of a whole century. The first ones will be released for sale in 2027. In the meantime, they will lie untouched in the darkness of our cellar, in the “Caveau du Trésor”. Philipponnat’s loyal friends will be able to follow their development and how well they age… we expect them to be magnificent!