The 2022 harvest - Champagne Philipponnat

The 2022 harvest

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A perfect balance

The 2022 harvest - Champagne Philipponnat

It took a lot of fortitude for our teams to pick the grapes this year. The harvest, which began on 24 August in the Clos des Goisses, took place during a series of very unusual heat waves. But how satisfying to bring in a crop of such quality! Rarely have we seen such perfect grapes, without the slightest defect or disease.


2022 will be etched in people’s memories for the extreme heat in July and August and virtual absence of rain. Mareuil-sur-Ay and the surrounding areas were among the driest in the whole of Champagne, with the last significant pre-harvest rainfall (9mm) occurring on 4 August. In June, flowering was disrupted by a cold spell, resulting in uneven blossoming in different areas. This phenomenon created differences in ripeness which affected the pace of the harvest: picking continued until 9 September according to grape ripeness. We were nonetheless able to harvest firm grapes at optimum maturity, and without wilting.


This great maturity combined with relatively low acidity produces an almost perfect balance of a hot but abundant year, which evokes both the two famous vintages that are 1982 or 1959. The grapes had freshness and fruit, and when pressed the juice was clear, white and pure. We are eager to taste the clear wines to confirm our impressions of the harvest: the 2022 vintage already holds great promise. We hope to confirm the blending of a Clos des Goisses Juste Rosé, a cuvée reserved for truly exceptional years, and for this purpose we proceeded to the vinification of a rosé de saignée full of great expectations.